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Tanitex Industries was founded in Hong Kong in 1985.  

For over 30 years, we have been producing underwear and loungewear for mid to high end brands all over the world.

Our office in Hong Kong serves as the communication center between our customers and our factory, fulfiling our needs in research and development, merchandising, shipping and accounts.  

Our sampling and production facilities was moved from Hong Kong to Dongguan, China in 1992.  Located only an hour and a half away from the border with HK, it is easily accessible by our staff in HK as well as by our overseas customers.  The factory is headed by technicians and production managers with extensive experience in underwear and sleepwear manufacturing.  Our factory is BSCI accredited and Oekotex 100 certified in the direct skin contact category.

In 1998, we launched our house brand Tani for the purpose of promoting comfortable undergarments sustainably made with the best materials.  

We here at Tanitex believe in working as a team and strive in providing customers with prompt and reliable service, consistently high product quality, and the latest information in fabrics, accessories, and design.

We adhere to strict business ethics and believe in treating all our staff fairly and with respect.

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